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Welcoming New Guests Artists for the Spring

We are happy to announce that we have some new talent here in the Rosemont Art Gallery!  This quarter we are welcoming a new full time artist – Andrea Burke – and also featuring three new Guest Artists – Linda Garden, Ron Griggs and Dee Holland!  Their artwork will be on display throughout the Winery until the end of Summer, so be sure to visit the Gallery the next time you’re in!

Burke   This month we welcome Andrea Burke of Clarksville as a new member to the Rosemont Artist Family. Art has always been a part of Andrea’s life in one way or another with many types of venues from piano, violin, and oboe; to clay, bread dough, tole painting; and lots of sewing.  She took her first watercolor class at the San Diego Art Museum in 2000, and has been hooked ever since with the variety of textures, the movement of the paint in the water, the array of techniques, and the endless potential for continuous growth!

Andrea has been blessed with many teachers and mentors since then.  She has studied with nationally known artists:  Lynn Ferris; Laurie Goldstein-Warren; Sterling Edwards; Laurie Humble; and Karlyn Holman.  Her latest teacher is Susan Harrison-Tustain of New Zealand!  Her technique and style are changing the way she thinks about subjects to paint – looking for the story, the relationship, and the feelings.  Andrea has been accepted as a Signature Member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society since 2013.  Andrea and her husband, Jim, moved to Clarksville, VA in September of 2013.  Andrea is very happy to be the newest artist represented by the Rosemont Art Gallery!

GardenOur new hanging also features Linda Garden as a guest artist. Linda is a representational artist who is inspired by the intimacy of portrait and figurative painting and experiments with color and composition in still life and landscapes. She works mostly in oil and pastel.   She is a published poet who delights in the connection between painting and poetry. Each requires balance and the creation of poignant moments in time. She has shifted her focus to painting because of the visual impact art has made in her life.

“I like to remind people of the beauty surrounding us and that a painting can strike a chord of well-being in anyone.” – Linda Garden

GriggsOur second guest Artist is Ron Griggs from South Hill, Virginia.  In Ron’s own words: “I like to think that I am a “glass half full” sort of person.  I look for the beauty and wonder in the everyday scenes around me, including the small and ordinary items we often overlook. I have pursued photography as a hobby for many.  Having always enjoyed drawing, I decided a few years ago to make the leap into oil painting because photography, while challenging and satisfying, captures reality; and composition and imagination are somewhat limited. The camera “sees” exactly what it there.  With painting one can explore what the mind “sees” and the opportunities exist for expanding beyond the reality of what is.  Painting allows exploring composition of scenes as an expression of what you feel as well as what you actually see. I have never had the opportunity to have any formal art training so I am largely self-taught”.

HollandAnd our final guest Artist this season is Dee Holland-Brock.  Dee is an award winning Photographer from La Crosse, VA and the Owner of “Dee Holland Photography”.  Dee has been shooting landscape photography for over 30 years, most recently including event and wedding photography in her schedule when time permits.  Rarely is Dee without a camera or two in tow. Over the last few years, Dee’s participation and unique style of photography have garnered her “Best in Show, 2012” at the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival, Fayetteville, NC and several 2nd/ 3rd place finishes for 2 Dimensional Work at Autumn with Topsail, Topsail Island, NC.  Dee was also selected as a “Virginian Artist” in 2013 and was part of a month long exhibit at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia.  Dee has prided herself over the years using only external filters as well as relying on camera settings to create unique photographs from her different/ angled perspective and not using computer technology to enhance her images.   Earlene Lampman, Artist Liaison for the Seawall Art Show, once wrote about Dee saying, “Dee’s strength in photography is her use of lighting and filters to enhance her unique style.   She is a true purist and my favorite shots are her works in black & white along with her “Wandering Fishing Boot” series, still life featuring a pair of old fishing boots that most often travel with her along with Virginia and North Carolina coasts”.

Adopt A Vine in Rosemont’s New H Block!

As many of you know, in the spring of 2016 we will be planting an additional 3 ½ acres of grapes in the front of the Winery, Block H.  The Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah, and Tannat that we are planting are vital to ensuring that we remain 100% estate grown, and will help us keep up with the growing demand for premium Rosemont of Virginia red wines in the future.

We’ve developed a unique way for you to become a part of our growing vineyard by offering you a chance to “Adopt A Vine.”  Well, a row actually!  The new vineyard will include 44 rows of grapes, and this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground level and see just what is involved with establishing a vineyard!

Adoption Cost:          $300

To participate in this exciting and educational program, we are offering a one-time payment of $300, taxes included.  In addition to a handsome plaque engraved with your name that will be displayed on your adopted row of vines for the next 40 to 50 years!  You will also receive the following unique experience and benefits:

2016 | Planting: Join us April 9 – 10 to plant some of the vines in your row.
2017 | Learn to Prune: Join us March 11 – 12 to learn the art of pruning your vines.
2018 | Train Your Vine: Join us March 10 – 11 to prune and train your vine for the year ahead.
2018 | Harvest: Help harvest your grapes! Harvest will take place at different intervals depending on variety, but we will alert you in advance when we’ll be picking your varietal.
2018 | Harvest Party! Well host a large harvest party for a successful harvest of Block H! Date and time to be determined at a later date.
2019 | Barrel Tasting: Join us March 16 – 17 to taste the first wines made from your vines!
2020| Receive your 1st bottle of wine produced from your grapes: 2018 vintage!
2021 | Receive your 2nd bottle of wine produced from your grapes: 2019 vintage!
2022 | Receive your 3rd bottle of wine produced from your grapes: 2020 vintage!

Of course you and your friends can visit your adopted vines at any time to check on their progress and see how they’re growing!  Talking to them helps encourage them to produce great fruit – we do it all the time!

Click Here for the Vine Adoption Certificate
Please note, that the program is being offered first to our Rosemont Club Members.  Beginning on March 1st, we will open up the program for all other interested parties!  You may either turn your application into the Winery directly, or you can email them to directly.

We will still accept adoptions for vines after planting if there are still rows available.  All rows will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  We cannot guarantee your first selection for row and/or varietal preference, but will make every effort to do so!

Virginia Red Receives Double Gold in 2015 Grand Harvest Awards!

We are happy to announce that the Rosemont Virginia Red, formerly known as Lake Country Red, was recently awarded a Double Gold medal in the 2015 Grand Harvest Awards!  This is great recognition for a wine that is loved by many of our patrons as an everyday, easy red wine blend.  This year’s vintage is comprised of 58% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Franc, 16% Chambourcin, 5% Syrah.

VA Red

For this vintage we have shifted to using more Merlot and less Chambourcin. What this does is it makes the wine more Bordeaux in style and less fruit forward. Thus it is even nicer and more complex. This vintage also has a little Syrah that plays great with the Chambourcin. What makes this wine so special is the blend of the 2013 vintage at 32% and the 2014 vintage at 68%. They are completely opposite but when put together they make an outstanding table red wine. The 2013 vintage is concentrated and full of aromatics but too large in tannins for a medium bodied red. The 2014 vintage is lighter in tannins and very fruit forward. Put them together and magic happens, as was recognized by the judges for the Grand Harvest Awards!

About the Grand Harvest Awards

Established in 1990, it is the only wine-judging event in North America that is based on Terroir – a group of vineyards (or even vines) from the same region, belonging to a specific appellation, and sharing the same type of soil, weather conditions, grapes and wine making savoir-faire, which contribute to give its specific personality to the wine.

In other competitions, this factor is ignored. At the Grand Harvest, judges taste wines with other wines of the same appellation. Thus, with cross-regional competition removed, the inherent quality of wines can be seen without the influences that sometimes eclipse even a wine of very high quality.   GHA recognizes wine entries that best exemplify the terroir of their respective viticultural areas, and acknowledges its influence on wine quality.

2016 Summer Concert Series Announced!

We are excited to announce that the 2016 Summer Concert Series Line-Up has been finalized!  So be sure to put these dates on your calendars and join us for a great time this summer!

Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday, May 28th
Class Act Band

We are excited to welcome the Class Act Band to the Rosemont stage to help us kick off our concert series this summer!  From simmering ballads to fiery funk, Class Act specializes in bringing soulful renditions of your favorite Motown and 70’s classics and much more!  They’ll be the perfect way to kick off your summer!

Fourth of July Weekend

Sunday, July 3rd


The Feature Attraction Band will join us for our All American bash to kick off the 4th of July festivities, and once again, we’ll cap off the evening with a spectacular fireworks display!

Labor Day Weekend
Saturday, September 3rd
JB Get Down Browns

Close out your summer with one of our favorite local bands – JB & The Get Down Brown’s!  We have tried to get them for years and we were finally able to nail them down!  Playing the best of R&B, Blues, Classic Rock and a touch of Beach music, they’ll be a great way to say farewell to summer!

So put the dates on your calendars now and get ready for a good time!  And keep your eyes out for tickets to go on sale online in the coming months.  All concerts are from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.