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Merlot 2014

Merlot is one of the most consistent grapes that we grow here at Rosemont.  We can always depend on it to be well balanced with beautiful tannins and earthy aromas.  Our Merlot shows the best of our terroir with a vibrant front that is fresh and fruity, dancing through the palate like a spicy blackberry. The finish offers a warm and cozy comfort, with a hint of pipe tobacco.


Anything Italian – we loved it with roasted tomato bruschetta and portabella mushrooms.

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  • Silver - 2016 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition
  • Silver - 2017 Virginia Governor's Cup Competition

One comment on “Merlot 2014

  1. Denise Shindle says:

    Great wine! I am a member of the VA Wine of the Month Club and thoroughly enjoyed the great taste of your wine!
    Thank you!

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