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Rosé 2015

Our signature Rosé is bright and fresh, dry Rosé reminiscent of what you might find from Provence.  With a beautiful light salmon color, this is an instant Summer classic.  This is a dry Rosé with just a hint of effervescence, made from 100% Chambourcin.  It’s perfect for sitting on the patio with a light summer lunch.

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2 comments on “Rosé 2015

  1. MOya Costello says:

    What is the grape? Why don’t you say here or on the bottle?

    1. aubrey says:

      Hi Moya! The grape in our Rose’ is 100% Chambourcin! We think it makes for a wonderful dry Rose’ wine and we pick the grape early, specifically for the purpose of making our Rose’. We will certainly get that posted up on the website. We generally don’t put it on the bottle as most people are unfamiliar with the Chambourcin grape, and we don’t want that to deter them from trying the wine!

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