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Tartan – Coming Soon!

We will be releasing Batch No. 2 of our Tartan at the 9th Annual Rosemont Wine & Art Festival on June 17, 2017!


Tartan is our port-style wine that has been fortified with Brandy and infused with blueberry wine created from the blueberries grown on the Rosemont Farm.  Batch No. 2 has aged for 7 years and you’ll find that this batch is much more reminiscent of a Tawny Port.  It is a beautiful balance between Merlot and Chambourcin with a touch of bright blueberry flavors that make this a great after dinner drink.  It also goes well with chocolate desserts and strong cheeses, like Roquefort.

This port-style dessert wine features blueberries from Blueberry Hill at Rosemont and is an exclusive, Club Only wine.

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