From Budbreak to Bottle

You’ll discover that we combine our knowledge of this land with modern winemaking techniques to produce premium handcrafted wines, all of which are 100% estate-grown, produced, and bottled on our estate. Being involved in every aspect of winemaking, from bud break to harvest and bottling, allows us to produce wines of the greatest quality that showcase this great Virginia terroir.




Block A


A dry blend of Chardonel and Petit Manseng that pays homage to where the grapes grow in our vineyard.

In 2018, one of the hardest vintages Virginia has ever seen, we had to get creative in our winemaking.  Block A emerged as the result of blending two grapes together that grow side by side in Block A on our estate – our Pinot Gris and our Chardonel.   We found that the end result was a bright, fresh and crisp wine that people enjoyed more than our standalone Pinot Grigio!

The 2022 blend is 61% Chardonel and 39% Petit Manseng and has elegant aromas of lemon curd, white peach, tarragon, and minerality. It’s beautifully crisp with refreshing acidity and is a perfect pairing for seafood!





A dry, elegant Rose' with aromas of watermelon rind and strawberry sherbet.

Our signature Rosé is bright and fresh, a dry Rosé, made from 100% Chambourcin. The 2022 vintage is a beautiful, light salmon color with beautiful crisp acidity. It offers aromas of watermelon rind, strawberry sherbet, and tart cherries. The perfect refreshment for warm Virginia days!





Rich aromas of black cherry, baking spices, dark cocoa powder and almonds with flavors of bold blackberry and dried fruit.

Our Merlot shows the best of our Southern Virginia terroir with aromas of black cherry, baking spices, dark cocoa powder and almonds, making it an instant palate pleaser. Flavors of bold blackberry and dried fruit complement its velvet smooth tannins. Merlot is one of the most consistent grapes that we grow here at Rosemont.



Extra Brut Sparkling Rosé


An Extra Brut Sparkling Rose' with flavors of strawberry, grapefruit and cranberries with bright acidity.

Our Extra Brut Sparkling Rosé has about the same amount of effervescence as you would find in a traditional Prosecco, but is completely dry and unfiltered. It’s made from 100% Chambourcin grapes, similar to our still Rosé. These fun pink bubbles with flavors of strawberries, grapefruit, and cranberries finish with a tart acidity. This is a great wine for celebrating, but also for an everyday sipper!


Lake Country Sunset


This sweet white wine has aromas of pear, cinnamon, and juicy orange.

The first wine ever produced in our Lake Country series, this is what we regard as our “dock” wine.  A blend of early and late harvest Vidal Blanc, this sweet white wine has aromas of pear, cinnamon, and juicy orange. Medium-bodied with a complimentary sweet finish makes this wine perfect for the summer.

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