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Virginia Red

Virginia Red is a classic red table wine that goes well with anything and can stand all on its own as well.  It is a medium bodied blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin and Syrah.  It has aromas of oak, dried cherries and black currants that lead to a lingering fruit finish.

This is a great wine for anyone just begging to drink red wines, but also fits the bill for any big red wine drinker who is looking for something a little lighter for the warm Summer months.

Available for purchase online in a standard 750ml bottle.  We do carry and sell 3L boxes in our Tasting Room and through various shops throughout Virginia and Washington, DC.  


Virginia Ham, Burgers, Pizza, an Evening with Friends

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  • 89 Points - Wine Enthusiast

2 comments on “Virginia Red

  1. Larry says:

    A wonderful blend that will convert white wine drinkers!

  2. Lori Stasi says:

    You’re absolutely right.!
    The Virginia Red is a must have…..
    You won’t be disappointed.

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