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Traminette 2021

Our Traminette has quickly become one of the cornerstone wines here at Rosemont.  Traminette is a hybrid of the Gewürztraminer grape from Germany but tends to grow a bit better in our hot and humid climate of Southern Virginia.

While many Traminettes that you’ll find are semi-sweet, we like to keep our Traminette dry, giving it a crisp finish.  Ours features aromas of lemon, candied ginger, and fresh peach.  It is a lighter-bodied wine with crisp minerality.


This is a great wine to pair with seafood, and we especially enjoy it with Virginia oysters!  It also goes well with spicy foods such as Thai, sushi or a light summer salad.

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8 comments on “Traminette 2021

  1. Cher Tomik says:

    My daughter took me to the Pungo Wine Festival as a Mother’s Day gift. I purchased a bottle to drink. The perfect wine for a warm day celebration. I was smart enough to purchase an additional bottle to bring home. I am hoping it is sold locally, in the Virginia Beach area, as it has become my white wine favorite.

  2. M. Hall says:

    Had this at the festival @ the winery… very bright, crisp, lovely citrus notes leading to a dry finish. Very refreshing, certainly a tremendous wine for summertime. Most impressive.

  3. Str 8 arrows says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Traminette 2016 – Rosemont of Virginia <Loved it!

  4. Wendy Purser says:

    It seems I never buy enough of this enjoyable wine. It has made me a true mixed wine member.

  5. J.Goins says:

    Love this wine! I live in NC but whenever I go up to Lake Gaston in VA, I always stop in to pick up a bottle or two. I’ve looked for it everywhere but can never find it.

  6. Rose Gallagher says:

    I am enjoying Traminette very much! It’s been a hot hot week in the Carolinas. It really isn’t so dry but rather crispy and citrusy. Keep up the great wines!!!

    1. Kyndal Eggleston says:

      Thanks Rose! We’re so glad you like it!

  7. Matt Kruskie says:

    Hands down our favorite white in the Rosemont catalog!

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