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Syrah 2019 – Sold Out!

This is one of only a few Syrahs that you’ll find across the state of Virginia.  Our Syrah is a medium-bodied wine that touts a bouquet of spicy anise, cherries, currants, and jasmine.  The signature flavors of our Syrah, the bright cherry and cardamom spice, are accented by its chewy tannins which will soften over time. We age our Syrah in neutral oak, which helps to showcase the subtle spicy notes while enhancing the fruity aromas.  It spent 16 months in oak before bottling.


Duck, lamb, venison, or any other game meats or hearty stews.

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2 comments on “Syrah 2019 – Sold Out!

  1. Cindi Uncles says:

    Love your Syrah! I am working for Belle Mount Vineyards on May 30 at the Vintage VA wine festival. Will you bring some Syrah with you? I’d love to purchase 2-3 bottles.

  2. Larry says:

    Tried this first at the Chesapeake Wine Festival in 2013 and just loved it. And yes, it hard to find a Syrah in Virginia. Excellent!

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