Block A 2021

A dry blend of Chardonel and Petit Manseng that pays homage to where the grapes grow in our vineyard.

In 2018, one of the hardest vintages Virginia has ever seen, we had to get creative in our winemaking.  Block A emerged as the result of blending two grapes together that grow side by side in Block A on our estate – our Pinot Gris and our Chardonel.   We found that the end result was a bright, fresh and crisp wine that people enjoyed more than our standalone Pinot Grigio!

The 2021 blend is 56% Chardonel and 44% Petit Manseng and has elegant aromas of tart apples, lemon, and honeydew.  It has a beautifully smooth mouthfeel with intense acidity and is a perfect pairing for seafood!

vino bianco

Rosemont Wine Block A

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