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1858 – SOLD OUT

1858 is one of our signature blends that is named for the year that the Rose family purchased the farm on which our vineyard and winery reside.  There’s a trend with the 1858.  We generally produce it every other year, and that happens to fall on even years.  This year we have fallen into what can only be termed as “Peer Pressure.”  When we began tasting the 2015 wines, one thing stood out – Petit Verdot.  It was amazing and had so much depth of aroma and flavor that we felt it was something that needed to be showcased.  So we tossed around the idea of making a straight Petit Verdot, but in the end, decided that blending it with Cab Franc and Merlot made an even better wine, and we gave into demands.

3 Barrels of Petit Verdot, 1.5 Barrels of Cabernet Franc and 1 Barrel of Merlot

We first find aromas of rich dark cherry mingled with violet, which are the staples of any good Petit Verdot.  You’re then hit with aromas of cocoa, chili pepper and dates with undertones of sage and cigar box straining to grab your attention.  This wine is still very young.  So please, if you do plan on drinking it soon, do so responsibly:  decant it for at least 2 hours prior to serving.

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  • Best in Category - 2017 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

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