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Cabernet Franc 2014

A favorite among wineries in Virginia, Cabernet Franc is a grape that really showcases Virginia climate and soil conditions that are optimal for growing a spicy, fruit forward Cabernet.  Our 2014 Cabernet Franc was aged 20 months in 35% new oak barrels, and most of the barrels being made of French oak.  This wine is a blend of three different lots of Cabernet Franc which all impart their own aromas and flavors into the wine.

This wine boasts vibrant aromas of fig, anise and white pepper that mingle with roasted chestnuts and molasses.  A smooth wine with pronounced oak and vanilla on the palate.



This wine pairs well with any red meat, especially one that’s been nicely peppered and thrown on the grill.


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  • Silver - 2016 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition
  • Silver - 2017 Virginia Governor's Cup Competition

3 comments on “Cabernet Franc 2014

  1. Kacee Lotti says:

    I love your Cabernet Franc! I am not familiar with Cabernet’s but I would highly recommend it for any occasion! It’s lovely! I can’t wait to come back and buy some more! You have my vote!

  2. Cheryl Liberatore says:

    Love the complexity and balance of this wine. Delightful and delicious!

  3. Chuck lifsey says:

    Just attended festival of the grape in powatan. No comparison. Would love to buy a case.

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